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Eaton Manufacturing Corporation ™ was established in 1983 in Memphis Tennessee with a focus on quality eye care products. A breakthrough product developed by Eaton is The Cleaner Accessor Pad ™. With daily use, The Cleaner Accessory Pad ™ solves a problem common to all people who wear contact lenses, surface plaque. The Cleaner Accessory Pad ™ can effectively remove surface plaque and protein from the contact lens unlike any other cleaning method on the market today. Referred to eye care professionals as “The Plaque Buster”, it can be used with any cleaning solution that the lens wearer is currently using or one recommended by their physician. Showing an extensive success report in the October ‘97 issue of Contact Lens Spectrum, the “Plaque Buster” has become a household name in the eye care community.

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Wayne W. Wood, O.D.

“I recommend the Cleaner Accessory Pad ™ to all of my lens patients. It is a highly effective way to keep both and soft contact lenses ultra-clean. Cleaner lenses contribute to better vision, greater comfort and healthier eyes! This handy device will make it easy to keep your lenses like new, even if you are one of those “problem” patients who has trouble keeping your lenses clean and clear.”