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Specials are updated monthly, be sure to visit next month to see the next great offer


This Contact Lens Cleaning Pad provides “non-abrasive” lens cleaning when used in a gentle scrubbing motion with any liquid contact lens cleaner recommended by an Eye Care Professional. It is reusable and washable for all soft, hard, and gas permeable contact lenses. The CLEANER ACCESSORY PAD™; will please even the toughest heavy depositors and offers superb down around cleaning for RGP and soft lenses. 1 free sample per customer please.

EasyEyes and Eaton Manufacturing Corporation understands the importance of the health of your eyes. We want to assure customers our products are manufactured in the United States according to approved FDA 510(k) Manufacturing Standards. During this COVID-19 pandemic, all orders are processed within 24-hours for shipping and voice-mail and emails are returned the same or following business day. We care about the health of your whole being, not just your eyes