2″ Lens Handling Tweezers - Easy Eyes
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2″ Lens Handling Tweezers

For Soft lens removal and insertion. Removes lenses directly from cornea. One end for insertion and the other end for removal. Packaged in a clear rigid case for storage and travel.

Sold Individually

Custom Quantity Option


Foe easier handling of contact lenses, our Tweezers dramatically reduce lens tears and prevent skin oil and other contamination of lens.

Available in 2″ and 5″ lengths.

Replacement silicone tips packaged 12 per bag.

Call us today for bulk lot pricing.

EasyEyes and Eaton Manufacturing Corporation understands the importance of the health of your eyes. We want to assure customers our products are manufactured in the United States according to approved FDA 510(k) Manufacturing Standards. During this COVID-19 pandemic, all orders are processed within 24-hours for shipping and voice-mail and emails are returned the same or following business day. We care about the health of your whole being, not just your eyes