About Us

Eaton Medical Corporation is a family owned business founded in 1984 in Memphis, Tennessee. A breakthrough product developed by Eaton is The Cleaner Accessory Padä . With daily use, The Cleaner Pad solves a problem common to all people who wear contact lens.surface plaque. The Cleaner Accessory Pad ä can effectively remove surface plaque and protein from the contact lens unlike any other cleaning method on the market today. Nicknamed by eye care professionals as “The Plaque Buster”, it can be used with any cleaning solution that the lens wearer is currently using or one recommended by their physician. Showing an extensive success report in the October ’97 issue of Contact Lens Spectrum, the “Plaque Buster” has become a household name in the eye care community. Read a few of the testimonials about this product.

With our focus on quality eye care products, Eaton produces contact lens cases and post-mydriatic glasses on dedicated equipment using only FDA grade plastics.

Contact lens cases are manufactured on a greaseless system using no silicone in the process. We know that a lens case can be a significant source of microbial contamination and to help prevent eye infections, lens cases should be cleaned, rinsed, and air dried every day – and replaced frequently. But what if after following proper disinfecting and storage of the lens, the contact lens wearer continues to have problems relating to dry eyes and discomfort? A simple answer could be case contamination with silicone[1]. As a shortcut in production, some lens case manufacturers spray silicone into the molds to speed up the manufacturing process. The silicone can contaminate the lens case. When cleaning agents are used in the cases, silicone can release into the cleansing liquid thus contaminating the contact lens with silicone. Imagine spraying a pan with a non-stick spray and then spraying water on the pan. The water beads and rolls off. The same is true when a contact lens is contaminated with silicone. The tear fluid in the eye does not pause and wet the RGP or hard lens. The tear fluid simply rolls off. The silicone contamination can prevent soft lens from absorbing the fluid. The resulting interfacial drag can lead to an increased number of dropouts among contact lens wearers due to discomfort. The manufacturing facilities at Eaton were designed for cold-water release. Eaton uses only cold water and no release sprays. Eaton manufactures silicone free contact lens cases in: screw tops w/o-ring, deep well flat packs and mailers. Eaton was the first manufacturer to offer a variety of colors in contact lens cases. It was a simple idea and yet no one thought of it until Eaton Medical Corporation came up with this unique concept. Now all major manufacturers of contact lens cases offer cases in assorted colors.

[1] Silicone fluids (oils) are usually linear chains of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) that have a wide range of chain lengths and molecular masses. Cyclic polydimethylsiloxanes also occur and are important intermediates in the manufacture of the linear chain fluids. They are virtually insoluble in water.

Eaton ships products all over The United States and to several international markets. Eaton Medical Corporation believes our responsibility is to the Eye Care Practitioners, their patients, the retailers and consumers who use our products. Meeting their needs drives our dedication to make products of the highest quality.